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Maria Lusitano is one of the artists involved in the presentation The Peepshow – Artists from the EDP Foundation Portuguese Art Collection.
The artist presents a video created with a collage technique, where everything seems strange and dream-like. The activity for children from 7 to 12 years old focuses on this work.

We give continuity to the cycle of workshops for families at home with a proposal inspired by the exhibition Gabriel Abrantes. Programmed Melancholy.
This activity was specially created for families with kids and teens with ages from 7 to 12 who are into art.


Static electricity, magic or science?
Electric charges with the same signal are repelled and electric charges of opposite signals are attracted. The phenomenon of static electricity observed in an experience accessible to all.

There was light! The electrical switch
To obtain light at home, a closed electrical circuit is needed to connect the power source to the lamp. What happens when we open the circuit? Simple instructions for learning to control the electric current.

Will you sail with the wind? Wind energy
The strength of the wind, a natural and inexhaustible resource, allows energy to be produced. Understand wind energy in five steps, accessible to everyone.

(Un)focus: digital photography with analog filters
Photography is the technique of creating images through light exposure. A simple way to create amazing images and understand the essence of photography.

Kinetic Energy 
Kinetic energy is a type of energy present in all moving bodies. This energy can have a lot of sources, for example the wind that makes the turbines spin, and usually is transformed in electrical energy besides other purposes.

Fashion Stylist with Polygons 
Geometry is an area of mathematics that studies the shapes. In this exercise, we used flat shapes and drew polygons.

The Electric Battery
Alessandro Volta invented the battery in 1800 when he disagreed with another scientist, Luigi Galvani, who years earlier had made a dead frog jump. Get to know the story in this video.

Electricity and Magnetism
Hans Christian Oersted discovered the relationship between magnetism and electricity and paved the way for Michael Faraday's discovery, as narrated in this video.

Hydroelectric Power
Learn more about this renewable energy in this video.

Eolic Energy
Learn more about this renewable energy in this video.