Exhibition tours at maat do not aim to provide ready answers as to what art and a museum space should be, but rather seek to provide an informal space for experimentation which promotes knowledge and dialogue, a shared responsibility which encourages the visitor to take on an active role. We provide tours to maat based on contemporary art, design and architecture and science-based tours to Central Tejo. Professional educators and trainees assure guided tours to the museum's temporary exhibitions and to the EDP Foundation Campus’ architecture and gardens. Tours can be customised to the needs of specific groups and schools and are available in both Portuguese and English. Their average duration is one hour.

Audience: suitable for all ages
Duration: 60 minutes
Capacity: max. 9 participants
(max. 10 including formal or informal caregivers)
Admission: €7 / person


Guided tours to the temporary exhibitions
These tours give an overview of the maat's temporary exhibitions. Themed tours are offered to different audiences and participants are invited to engage with works of art and artists.

  • For more information, please visit the In time section of this website.

Geometry themed visit: Finding the Measure of Things
With Susana Anágua, Renato Santos, Fabrícia Valente, Hugo Barata, Jorge Catarino, and Patrícia Trindade
In Ancient Greece, scientists and mathematicians studied geometry in order to gain a better understanding of the world. Art also makes use of mathematics, in shape as well as in colour and materials. This tour will explore works of contemporary art seen through the logic of mathematics.

Technology themed visit: Fuel to Art
With Susana Anágua, Renato Santos, and Jorge Catarino
In this tour through contemporary art, we will discuss the issues related to technology in its more technical and scientific involvement, in order to explore the relationship between the object of art and the scientific method versus the creative method, and Nature’s phenomena.

maaturity – Art at Tea Time
Senior Programme, with Fabrícia Valente
maaturity is a programme designed to give senior citizens a chance to air their views. It invites them to share their opinions on how maat provokes and stimulates: from the anxiety and challenges that contemporary art can cause to new models on being in and belonging to a museum space, and possible perspectives on the museum’s architecture. Over 5 months, teatime will taste of art, and challenges will be set that can be translated into different languages. Together, a dynamic will be created in the museum in which your maturity is the key to new possibilities. 
Ages: 60+ years. Capacity: max. 8 participants. Admission: €20 / person (season ticket)

  • 14 and 28 October: 15.00–16.30

Themed tour: Corporate
These tours comprise a themed tour and a practical activity, designed especially for companies and institutions. Using art, science or technology as the inspiration, and the exhibitions in the Museum as a tool, these tours are na effective way of promoting creativity and innovation within companies. 

Architecture and Design

Architecture-themed visit: Legible Spaces
With Fabrícia Valente and Renato Santos
An architectural visit to maat and Central Tejo, two Lisbon buildings with very striking and emblematic designs. The visit is designed to challenge people to view architecture as a dialogue on form, function, space, light and materials. The aim is to awaken visitors’ gaze, to reveal museum spaces that are usually off limits and to understand the complexity of a museum project behind the exhibition space.


Guided Tour: Art and Nature
With Maribel Sobreira
A themed tour through the museum's gardens, specially adapted to different groups and where participants are invited to enter into a dialogue with biodiversity and species coexistence in order to discover, interpret and enrich their relation with art and nature.


Guided tour: Monumental Tour
VCome and visit the factory which “lit up” Lisbon, the Central Tejo. Allow yourself to be surprised by a unique space which combines the history of past and present energy production and learn more about energy-related phenomena and environmental challenges during a very interactive tour!

  • Everyday: 15.00

Guided tour: Monumental Tour + Lab
Come visit the power station and discover the experiments which taught us how to produce electrical energy.

Guided tour: Secret Tour
We invite you to visit the areas in Central Tejo which are usually closed off to the public. Discover the different boiler levels, the rheostat room, the coal distribution conveyer belts, the mixing tower, the water-cooling tower, the tunnels and other power station secrets.

Guided tour: Gardens and Permanent Art Installations
A tour through the EDP Foundation Campus gardens, which were designed by Lebanon-based landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic and which surround the Central Tejo Power Station and maat buildings.

  • Every Saturday and Sunday: 11.00 and 18.00


maat, a Museum for Everyone
Special educational needs programme

maat offers an integrated programme of creative activities aimed at people with physical and/or mental disabilities. Using the exhibitions on show as a starting point, these creative activities explore both the museum space and the workshop aspect, with the purpose of finding personal answers and creating spaces for dialogue, experimentation and sharing, in the hope that therapeutic benefits can be achieved as a group and felt by each of the participants.

Tour-workshop: Mapping Myself
With Hugo Barata and Joana Andrade
These tour-workshops explore the intersecting languages and creative universes of contemporary artists to invite participants to explore maat's facilities, examining various disciplines from drawing to painting, photography, video, corporal expression and art installation. Activities in the workshop may vary according to the needs of each group and are also adapted to mixed-age and inclusive education groups.
Duration: 60 minutes

An architecture-themed tour: Accessible Spaces
Normally sighted and blind or visually impaired visitors
With Renato Santos
A visit that looks at the architecture of maat and it's intended to challenge people to view architecture as a dialogue on form, function, space and materials. The aim is to raise awareness and to reveal the museum spaces and their materials and models through the use of sound and touch, so that participants can understand the complexity of the museum project that lies behind what is visible.
Duration: 90 minutes

Dementia – Alzheimer's Programme
With Hugo Barata and Joana Andrade
This programme provides opportunities for individuals suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease to participate in the life of the museum, offering meaningful experiences and deeper community involvement and thus combating the stigma associated with mental illness, social isolation and reduced quality of life.