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André Romão. 1977-1981
André Romão, 1977-1981
André Romão, 1977-1981

1977-1981, the exhibition by André Romão at the space Camões Berlin integrated two videos and a painting, and it was the first of a series of exhibitions curated by MAAT at this space, every year.

In this project, André Romão (b. 1984) juxtaposes two idiosyncratic but contemporary realities: the Indiani Metropolitani, the creative and libertarian wing of the “movimento del Settantasette” in Italy, and the Memphis, a group founded by the Italian designer Ettore Sottsass. The artist explores the simultaneous nature of these two historic and cultural dimensions of the post-modernist Italy, mapping the common ground. Not only what they share, but also the aspects that are radical and structurally different.

The partnership between MAAT and the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin aimed to promote the international recognition of Portuguese contemporary art, in particular of the artists with works in the Portuguese art collection that the EDP Foundation has been developing since the year 2000.

André Romão was the winner of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award in 2007.

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