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Talk: Unprecedented Power
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Public programme "Art and Healing Dialogue"
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Photo: Diana Tinoco
09/03/2024 - 09/03/2024

Conversation with Carmen Holderbaum Maraschin, Mário Resende and Marta Crawford


Masculine and feminine energies exhibit distinct expressions. The masculine essence, characterized by stability and predictability, embodies qualities such as willpower, clarity, and focus. On the other hand, the feminine energy, characterized by its fluidity and dynamism, is guided by the heart, resulting in its unpredictability and penchant for the unconventional.


Traditionally, society has linked masculinity exclusively with men and femininity exclusively with women. However, this conventional association often leads to disharmony within relationships between men and women across various facets of daily life. What if these forces were to complement one another instead?

In such a scenario, concepts like Sexuality, Sensitivity, and the Sacred may hold the key.



Joana Vasconcelos's dedication to health, well-being, and spiritual healing serves as the impetus behind this series of conferences. "Strangers in the Night" was one of Fausta Rendall's selections as a means to connect Art with Healing.

"Strangers in the Night" (2000), continuously emanates Frank Sinatra's iconic song of the same name. However, the installation subverts the song's promise of fleeting love evolving into enduring affection. Instead, it presents a white nappa peep-show booth, adorned with flashing car headlights on its exterior. This scene speaks of the transient encounters of night-time, where men seek brief and fortuitous connections with absent women, reflecting a narrative of subjugation. - João Pinharanda, curator of the exhibition Plug-In by Joana Vasconcelos


Carmen Holderbaum Maraschin

Professional astrologer for over 40 years, with an international career spanning several countries. Over the years, she has developed and led workshops and courses centred on astrology, science and spirituality. Her training includes studies at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. In 2007, she was invited to teach on the Holistic Science Masters programme at Schumacher College, Plymouth University, in the UK. The following year, Carmen wrote a thesis entitled "Phenomenological Astrology: an approach to Consciousness", culminating in her obtaining a Master of Science degree. Since 2014, Carmen Maraschin has been working as a resident astrologer at Corpo Infinito, giving individual sessions, courses and lectures.


Mário Resende

Member of the Order of Psychologists, with a degree in Philosophy and a Master's in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, a psychotherapist with a Transpersonal orientation (, a certified regression therapist (, and a trainer of therapists with 19 years' experience. He has a postgraduate qualification in CVRT and Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis from the Advanced Training Institute of the Faculty of Medicine in Lisbon. An effective teacher of Philosophy and Psychology in secondary schools until 2006, he also has training in Biodynamics, Waking Dream Analysis and Active Meditations. He was president of the Luso-Brazilian Transpersonal Association (Alubrat) in Portugal between 2015 and 2019, and has been vice-president of the Portuguese Federation of Psychotherapy (FEPPSI) since 2019. She is responsible for training Transpersonal Psychotherapy Techniques (TPT) and Transpersonal Psychology and Psychodynamics (PPT) at AlmaSoma.


Marta Crawford

Psychologist, psychotherapist, family and systemic therapist specialising in clinical sexology, trainer, lecturer and presenter of television programmes, including: "AB Sexo" on TVI (2005 - 2006), "Aqui Há Sexo" on TVI24 (2009) and "100 TABUS" (2012 - 2013) on SIC MULHER and "5 para a meia noite" (2016) on RTP.  Co-author and presenter of the Videocast/Podcast "Much more than Sex".

She was a columnist for Mundo Universitário, Diário de Notícias, Lux Woman, Jornal i and Noticias Magazine. She currently writes for Gerador magazine.

Marta Crawford is also the author of the books "Sexo sem Tabus", "Viver o Sexo com Prazer - Guia da Sexualidade Feminina" and "Diário Sexual e Conjugal de um Casal", all published by Esfera dos Livros. Founder of MUSEX - Museu Pedagógico do Sexo (Pedagogical Museum of Sex), she conceived the exhibition Amor Veneris -Viagem ao prazer sexual feminino (Amor Veneris - Journey to female sexual pleasure), which will be on show at the Palácio Anjos from June 22 to March 2023.



Ages: over 12
Capacity: 50 people
Language: Portuguese
Price: 15€ / 25% discount for MAAT members





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