Stories from the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection

Founded in 1990, the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection gathers around 3,500 items and a vast collection of documents, referring to the theme of energy and, in particular, that of electricity, whose origin dates back to the old companies that gave rise to EDP and that span the entire 20th century. In the collection can be found domestic, personal and industrial items, including machinery and equipment — measuring devices, home appliances, lighting and lab equipment — as well as advertising leaflets, photographs and catalogues.

This vast and valuable museological repository is the object of Memovolts — Stories from the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection, a special preview of the collection specifically developed for maat Mode 2020. Throughout this programme, seven curated displays are presented in four core subsequent moments on a “mobile staging structure" that is integrated in Beeline, the architectural intervention designed by the New York based studio SO – IL to host maat Mode.

The seven themes are interpreted with a selection of various pieces rarely presented to the public — objects, machines, devices, images, or sounds challenging the discovery of ideas, inventions, aspirations, strategies, ultimately the stories that energy tells, and we collectively share.

Women in Advertising for Home Appliances (1930 – 1950)
The Light and the Shadow
Electric Machines: Iron, Copper and Steel
Memories of The City of Lisbon: the Photography of Kurt Pinto
The Design of Sound and Image (1920 – 1960)
Small Apparatus, Great Inventions
Wheels and Rails with Electricity