Gabinete: Luisa Cunha


Gabinete: Luisa Cunha

Reclaiming the original name of this hall at the Central Tejo power station, Gabinete is a new venue at maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology to exhibit small nuclei of works by Portuguese artists. 

Expanding the programme to this new space will diversify the creative responses to the work of the artists in the EDP Foundation Portuguese Art Collection and the contemporary art scene, providing them with a freer space where they can experiment with new formats, show previously unseen work or work that runs parallel to their studio work.

Relationships and cross-overs may also be fostered between the programmes of Gabinete and the museum's other exhibition venues.

The first artist exhibiting in the Gabinete will be Luisa Cunha (Lisbon, 1949), with the sound work Não [No] (2018), recently acquired for the EDP Foundation's collection, to be followed by João Pimenta Gomes.

Luisa Cunha (12/03–18/04/2022)

João Pimenta Gomes (21/04–30/05/2022)