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Cyberart. Works from the Itaú Cultural Collection

Since its creation in 1987, the relationship between technology, culture and art has been one of the focuses of the work of the Itaú Cultural Institute. The application of new media and technologies in contemporary visual arts has conquered its space and importance within the art system and, in this sense, it was natural that the institute decided to form a collection that brings together works that specifically originate from the confluence of art and technology.


The itinerancies of the Itaú Cultural Art and Technology Collection aim to disseminate this form of artistic expression to different audiences. In addition to the dissemination, the project aims to foster the production of technological art through the exhibition of works unanimously considered to be paramount. The group of works exhibited emphasises poetics of interaction – cybernetic – both with visitors and between elements of the works themselves. As a result, the selected works provide a more poetic and less experimental vision of this area.


The exhibition Cyberart. Works from the Itaú Cultural Collection includes works by LAb[au], Raquel Kogan, John McCormack, Regina Silveira, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, Miguel Chevalier, Rejane Cantoni and Daniela Kutschat, Gilberto Prado, Edmond Couchot and Michel Bret.


«This exhibition allows us, from diversified themes and points of view, to approach, by anticipation or already as direct testimony, all the slips and breaks that run through scientific and humanistic practice and knowledge, leading us from biology to ethics, from art to social and political practice. The public will have the possibility to interact with the works, thus perceiving them as practical examples of a reflection and contributing to dilute the boundaries between work and body, between author and spectator.»
– João Pinharanda, director of maat


«Itaú Cultural is one of the most active organisations on the Brazilian cultural scene. Now in its 35th year, it promotes culture, art and training programmes based on a premise of inspiring and being inspired by the transformative power of people. Itaú Cultural works virtually, with a streaming platform, a virtual school, an extensive database of Brazilian art and culture (Itaú Cultural Encyclopaedia), as well as other content accessible on its website (, and also through on-site activities such as performances, shows, seminars and exhibitions. With over 16,000 items and belonging to Banco Itaú, its art collection is considered the largest corporate collection in Latin America. In order to promote its circulation, IC holds various travelling exhibitions with partner institutions.» 
– Alfredo Setubal, President of Itaú Cultural

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