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maat oficina crianças música
maat oficina crianças música
18/02/2023 - 18/02/2023

Let's make concrete music

About 70 years ago in Paris, Pierre Schaeffer created a new way of composing music: he called it concrete music. Schaeffer and his friends listened to concrete sounds (the sounds that exist around us) and recorded, manipulated, distorted and combined them in order to create new musical compositions. Everything was done by hand: they cut pieces of tape, glued them to pieces of other tapes, changed the order of playing, made them play faster! Nowadays, with technology, we can compose music like Schaeffer's using just a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. In this workshop, we will become composers of concrete music and the sounds around us will turn into incredible pieces!

Mediation by: Inês Luzio and Beatriz Rola
Partnership with: Rescaldo and Circuito – Braga Media Arts Educational Service

Rescaldo returns to Lisbon, one of the privileged events since 2007 to feel the creative pulse of the country in everything that is unclassifiable and challenging. In its thirteenth edition, for five days (15/0219/02/2023), the festival will take over as many other spaces in the capital city, with performances that faithfully mirror the diversity of sound venues in its programme. From contemporary academic composition to self-taught experimentation, from jazz to electronic dance music, including unimaginable mixtures and unique collaborations exclusively conceived for the festival, Rescaldo continues to affirm the aesthetic, social, and generational diversity that keeps alive the personal and collective miracle of making, thinking, feeling, and exploring Sound in its infinite possibilities.

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