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ONE, TWO and MANY: Closing programme
Performance - Concert
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With Marta Wengorovius and Domenico Lancellotti, featuring a jam session between all collaborators
Marta Wengorovius
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Marta Wengorovius
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Photo: João Wengorovius
07/07/2024 - 07/07/2024

Closing programme of the ONE, TWO AND MANY – The Reading Body or Infinity 

With Marta Wengorovius and Domenico Lancellotti, featuring a jam session between all collaborators


Palindrome of the Sun. Or the Infinite.

Participants are invited to activate Marta Wengorovius’ work, the ONE, TWO AND MANY Library, in the MAAT Gardens, in a sound performance-talk with Brazilian musician Domenico Lancelloti, which will mark the finissage of this project – The Reading Body or Infinity.


In a confluence between work, body, nature, thought and meditation, it is proposed that we ‘be’ in connection in the Library's ONE as a point of contact. Not everything touches everything, but everything always touches something. 


Price:€11 (25% discount with MAAT Card and EDP employees)



Domenico Lancellotti, born in Rio de Janeiro on 12 November 1972, is a Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, percussionist and drummer. With Italian roots as the son of the famous composer and singer Ivor Lancellotti, he grew up with a strong samba influence.

Throughout his career, Lancellotti has worked with many renowned artists, including Quarteto em Cy, Daniel Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Fernanda Abreu and Adriana Calcanhotto. In the 1990s, he founded the experimental rock band 'Mulheres Q Dizem Sim'. During this period he formed a friendship and musical partnership with Moreno Veloso and Alexandre Kassin.

Lancelotti has been involved in various projects, including Os Ritmistas (NR/Dubas), alongside Stephane San Juan and Dany Roland, Orquestra Imperial, with Berna Ceppas and Kassin, and the +2 project, with Moreno and Kassin. He has released two solo albums: Cine Privê (2011) and Serra dos Órgãos (2017). The latter was named the 24th best Brazilian album of 2017 by Rolling Stone magazine Brazil.




ONE, TWO, AND MANY | The Reading Body, or Infinity


ONE, TWO, AND MANY | The Reading Body, or Infinity is the latest instalment in Marta Wengorovius's plastic and participatory artwork ONE, TWO, AND MANY.* This visual piece is also a method through which the artist explores issues stemming from intuition and the genesis of movement, emphasising the different dimensions of three types of dynamics: ONE as singularity and interiority, TWO as intimacy, and MANY as an encounter with the experience of community.


The Reading Body, or Infinity is an invitation to take part in a slow process of gestation and digestion: over the course of a year, a series of encounters will take place in the form of guided walks between a museum (maat) and a mountain range (Serra da Arrábida), activating the ONE, TWO, AND MANY* Library (a work created in 2012 that serves as a reflection guide for the OTM Method*) at a crossroads between the Book and the Body. Three books have been selected from the ONE, TWO, AND MANY Library. Each will be read over four months by each Utopian Family. The Time of ONE, the Time of TWO, and the Time of MANY. During each reading period, there will be a Stimulus-Encounter, Encounters with the Nomadic Notebooks* (OTM reading and exploration diaries) and Lessons Under the Trees.* [Please refer to the Glossary to better understand these different instalments.]


Designed specifically for maat, ONE, TWO, AND MANY | The body that reads, or infinity is the artwork's fourth instalment. This journey began with OTM — Nomadic School* | Taking the colours where they are most needed (2020–22) at Jardim dos Pintores, Casa da Cerca, Almada, followed by OTM Residency (2020–23) at Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA), Lisbon, and more recently OTM | If a mountain range were to guide us (2022–23), at Brotéria, Lisbon.


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