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maaturity exhibition museum
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Installation view "Family Album", MAAT, 2023. Photo: Diana Tinoco

MAATurities is a programme dedicated to an adult and senior audience, where contemporary themes will be presented through artistic discourses addressed in the museum's exhibition programme. In an open dialogue between different generations and life experiences, the theoretical (online) and theoretical-practical (in person at the museum) sessions act as meeting points for debate on questioning the world around us. We know how the languages of contemporary art sometimes present barriers to the public, just as we know that at no other stage in the history of art has the spectator's participation been called upon so much. The challenge is great and the dialogue fruitful.


According to the museum's programme (which is always subject to minor changes), the MAATurities programme for 2024 will feature three seasons, based on the following axes:

– Encounters after the revolution - making connections, promoted by artists with different concerns, between the gaze of generations who lived through the 25th of April and the current discourses 50 years on.

– Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - spaces of time in transition: promoting the speculative, utopian, and investigative reading that contemporary art promotes, with the possibility of contributing to the construction of a future, based on a historicist analysis.

From liquid to gaseous - the fluidity and mutation of each form: seeking dialogues of interrelationship between languages and artistic media, distancing ourselves from the classic idea of compartmentalising artistic discourses, and affirming the plurality of connections that contemporary art promotes.



Educational objectives:    


To bring adult and senior audiences closer to the discourse of contemporary art.
– To provide tools for decoding the discourse of current artists.
To foster the meeting point between discourses, languages, and narratives that the museum promotes, which is its action par excellence.
To open a dialogue between individual and generational life experiences and historical, critical, and curatorial perspectives on a path to building collective knowledge.



1st season: February to May 
Light and shadow – Encounters after the revolution  

28/02/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
06/03/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
09/03/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum  

20/03/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
03/04/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
06/04/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 

17/04/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
02/05/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
04/05/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 


2nd season: May to September 
Yesterday, today and tomorrow – Spaces of time in transition  

15/05/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
29/05/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
01/06/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 

12/06/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
26/06/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
29/06/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 

11/09/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
25/09/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
28/09/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 


3rd season: October to December
From liquid to gas – The fluidity and mutation of every form

09/10/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
23/10/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
26/10/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 

06/11/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
13/11/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
23/11/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 

27/11/2024, 15.30 – Online session
11/12/2024, 15.30 – Online session 
14/12/2024, 10.30 – Meeting at the museum 



Max: 25 people
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 45€ per season (25% discount for MAAT members)


Conception: Fabrícia Valente 
Coordination: Joana Simões Henriques



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MAAT Gallery

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