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Heart Chakra Meditation
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Public programme "Art and Healing Dialogue"
Joana Vasconcelos MAAT contemporary art exhibition
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Joana Vasconcelos MAAT contemporary art exhibition
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Installation view of "Plug-in" by Joana Vasconcelos, MAAT, 2023. Photo: Bruno Lopes
03/11/2023 - 06/04/2024

Meditations at Plug-in exhibition by Joana Vasconcelos


Joana Vasconcelos's commitment to promoting health, well-being and healing is the driving force behind this event. The Heart Chakra Meditation was the artist's choice to strengthen unity within her team, and she now shares it with the audience.


Chakras are organised centres of energy that play a fundamental role in capturing, assimilating, storing, and transmitting the life force that runs through our entire system. This concept of how the harmony between the human being and the universe manifests itself is a valuable inheritance from ancient traditions of Eastern medicine.


This meditation, created by Karunesh, a renowned German-born New Age musician, offers a sequence and vibration that facilitate the purification of the heart chakra.


This meditation, incorporating movement and sound, particularly focuses on the fourth chakra, assisting the heart in expanding and receiving energy from other hearts, symbolizing the four cardinal points.


Dates: 03/11/2023, 15/12/2023, 12/01/2024, 26/01/2024, 09/02/2024, 23/02/2024, 01/03/2024, 15/03/2024, 05/04/2024

Capacity: 50 people
Free entrance with museum ticket



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