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Guided tour with the curators, exhibition "The Surrealist Castle of Mário Cesariny"
maat mário cesariny
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maat mário cesariny
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Photo: Diana Tinoco
24/02/2024 - 24/02/2024

With João Pinharanda and Afonso Dias Ramos


In a fascinating two-voice journey through Mário Cesariny's world-exhibition, its curators challenge us to a CHALLENGING journey – where that which lies at the beginning could be at the end and that which lies at the top could be at the bottom - exploring The Surrealist Castle of Mário Cesariny.


This exhibition, celebrating the centenary of the iconic Portuguese surrealist Mário Cesariny (1923-2006), also marks the 100th anniversary of André Breton's first surrealist manifesto in 1924. Inspired by the book dedicated to Vieira da Silva and Árpád Szenes by Cesariny, The Surrealist Castle, written in 1984 in Lisbon, Paris, and London, reflects the influence of Breton's manifesto. The curators propose a reflection on the genealogy that Cesariny claimed for himself and for Surrealism. This exhibition embraces the time, geographical, and disciplinary diversity of the artist and the movement, celebrating his life and poetic and plastic work in the context of his sources of inspiration, contemporaries, dialogues, portraits, cultures, loves, and objects that surrounded him.


Language: Portuguese



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