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Man inside an aquarium at Oceanário de Lisboa
Man inside an aquarium at Oceanário de Lisboa
20/05/2021 - 23/05/2021
06/07/2021 - 07/07/2021

Expanding the sea
A programme by maat and Lisbon Oceanarium

maat and the Lisbon Oceanarium developed an action within the scope of the European Day of the Sea and of their exhibitions, Aquaria – Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea, at maat, and the Oceanarium's permanent one. This jointly planned programme aims to establish a dialogue between different scientific areas on an interdisciplinary basis. Issues concerning nature and its staging, the oceans and their vulnerabilities, sustainability and architecture will be addressed in a critical and creative way in debates, thematic visits, and workshops for adults and children.

Biology themed tour
a window to the conservation of the marine world

The exhibition Aquaria – Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea takes us on a journey to the origins of aquariums. Portrayed in the exhibition as the forerunners of the television set, public aquariums are nowadays a window to the ocean, providing an emotional connection between the public and marine biodiversity, thus promoting its conservation. Get to know the eleven installations by contemporary artists and designers featured in the exhibition, through a conversation with a biologist from the Lisbon Oceanarium. More than an artistic interpretation of the works, discover a scientific view of the exhibition, which creates a parallel with the reality experienced in a public aquarium such as the Oceanarium.

Guided tour with a marine biologist from the Oceanarium
20/05/21 18.00 (maat)
26/06/21 17.00 (maat)
Duration: 60 min
Capacity: max. 10 people
Price: 7 € 

Architecture themed tour
Two architectures, one Tagus River

The Lisbon Oceanarium and maat buildings tell us different but intersecting stories. The contemporary looks of architect Amanda Levete in Belém, and of architects Peter Chermayeff and Pedro Campos Costa in Parque das Nações add layers of time, materiality, form and function to a dialogue with the Tagus River. The exhibitive nature, disruptive with the surroundings, ambitious in their programme, challenges us in these two architectures, in paths between outdoors and indoors, between public and private space. The exhibition Aquaria - Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea brings together these two institutions in discourse, but also in habitability; and leads us to this tour, marked by two moments, two architectures and a single Tagus. We invite you all to join us in reflecting on how these two buildings are both transformative and sharp in riverside Lisbon.

Guided tour with Fabrícia Valente
22/05/21 16.00 (Oceanarium)
23/05/21 16.00 (maat)   
Duration: 90 min
Capacity: max. 10 people
Price maat: 7 € (maat)
Price Oceanarium: 19 €

Workshop for families 
Aquaria discovering

Everything we do impacts on the environment! Let's explore the various works of art, books and historical documents in the Aquaria exhibition on a paper chase activity. Discovering the big “R”s, that by Reducing what we use, Recycling what we buy and Reusing what we have, we influence life on land and in the sea. We will learn about what is inside and what is outside the aquarium. Participants will use their creativity to fill an “aquarium” with their life in a practical challenge!

Workshop with José Santos
22/05/21 11.00 (maat)
Ages: 7–13 years-old   
Duration: 120 min
Capacity: max. 10 people
Price: 7 €


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