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Batu Talk #1 – Tânia Lopes, Gueladjo Sane and Osvaldo Pegudo
Batu talks 1: The art of transmission
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Photo: Joana Linda
20/06/2024 - 20/06/2024

Batu Talks are thematic concerts and conversations that seek to reflect on how musical and artistic practices are fundamental to the life and work of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, an aspect that is particularly visible in his exhibition Our Boat Drum Earth, an installation in which percussion takes centre stage.


This programme, whose name was conceived by Ernesto Neto himself, seeks to create organic, discursive, and musical encounters between artists and theorists from different contexts, backgrounds, and disciplines. Artists invited to these sessions will have the opportunity to present themselves and share experiences through their unique practices in a collaborative artistic environment. The unique context of this immersive artwork is intended to stimulate artistic exchanges, constituting a significant invitation to interaction and the exchange of ideas.   


The first Batu Conversation will feature the participation of percussionists Tânia Lopes, curator of the two opening moments of the exhibition at MAAT, and Osvaldo Pegudo and Gueladjo Sané, her master teachers. These are artists of long and widely recognised standing in the world of music, bringing with them unique and diverse experiences in the field of percussion. The theme of this first Batu Talk seeks to freely reflect on the importance of one of the most fundamental aspects of creation: artistic education and the mutual transfer of knowledge at various levels. Thinking about the deep and dynamic relationships between the figures of the teacher/master-artist and the pupil, this Batu Talk brings together the musical practices of three teaching artists, their experiences in this exchange of learning, and the unique celebration, in the form of a concert, of the creative, artistic, and affective processes that pervade their relationships. 


Price: 15€ | 25% discount with MAAT Card

With: Tânia Lopes, Gueladjo Sane and Osvaldo Pegudo



Gueladjo Sane | Perc. Guinea Bissau: Born in Guinea Bissau, music has been present in Gueladjo Sane’s life from an early age and part of his family for many generations. The son of a Djidiu father (a traditional musician), he grew up in close contact with the sounds and traditions of his people. In 1980 he applied for the position of principal soloist with the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau and for 15 years took his country's traditional music and dance to the four corners of the globe. He also took part in other musical projects with Guinean artists, giving concerts in Guinea Bissau and Europe. In 1997 he emigrated to Portugal and began his career as an artist and teacher of traditional African percussion, working throughout Portugal. He occasionally collaborates with theatre groups and very regularly with social projects in the municipality of Oeiras through his long-standing connection with the Batoto Yeto Portugal Cultural and Youth Association.

Tânia Lopes | Perc. Portugal: Born in Lisbon in 1982, Tânia Lopes’ musical experiences began at the age of 14 in the area of Traditional Portuguese Percussion through the Toca Rufar Orchestra. In 1999 she began training as an instrumentalist under Gueladjo Sané, Roderick Jackson, Conny Kadia, Éden Moreira, André Gonzalo, and Osvaldo Pegudo. Her academic musical education also included training at the Academia de Amadores de Música, and at the Villas Boas School – Hot Club de Portugal, where she finished the fourth year in the Comprehensive Afro-Cuban Percussion Course and the second year in Jazz Drums. In 1998 she began to work professionally as a musician while teaching traditional Portuguese orchestral percussion and as bagpipe accompaniment. She has developed her professional experience in various formations, including in Gaitafolia (2002), Dazkarieh (2002), Tucanas (2006), Transatlantistas with Afonso Pais (2009), Luiz e a Lata (2009), Farra Fanfarra (2009), and by accompanying a band on RTP1's "Voz de Portugal" programme and on SIC's "Sábado à Luta" programme.


Osvaldo Pegudo | Perc. Latin America: Osvaldo Pegudo is a Cuban percussionist who lives in Portugal. He is currently one of the leading musicians in his field, dividing his time between various artistic fields and teaching. He is sponsored by the MEINL percussion brand and is a teacher at the Hot Club de Jazz school and the Danças do Mundo Academy, both in Lisbon. He holds a degree in percussion from the Escuela de Superación Professional Ignácio Cervantes (Havana), where he also taught. He has toured several times in countries such as France, England, Italy, Monaco, Spain, the Basque Country, Mexico, and Cape Verde. In Portugal, he has worked with the ‘Orquestra Lisboa Latina’ and leads two groups, ‘Ache’ and ‘Grupo Afrocubano IKIRI ADDA’, alongside various Cuban music groups. He regularly participates in concerts with Portuguese-speaking musicians, trains amateur and professional musicians and dance teachers, takes part in various congresses and seminars, and travels internationally as a teacher and advisor to Afro-Cuban music groups.

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