AQUARIA — ​​​​​​​Or The Illusion of a Boxed Sea

Aquaria — Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea, exhibition view at maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon), 2021. Photography by Pedro Pina. 


Discover through the voice of its protagonists what the exhibition Aquaria — Or The Illusion of a Boxed Sea has to reveal about the complex relationship between humans and the marine world.

Eleven installations by contemporary artists and designers accompany an historical journey through materials and original documentation that collectively explore the origins of the aquarium as a prototypical engine through which we have domesticated and so managed our relationship with the non-human.

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Angela Rui, curator of "Aquaria", explains the research behind the exhibition and why the aquarium could be somehow considered the first TV.

The exhibition as an exploded aquarium: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (2050+ studio) looks at the materials and design strategies transforming the set up into plankton. 

Visual Language:
Claude Marzotto and Maia Sambonet, the co-founders of studio òbelo, dive into the subtle illusions and nuances that inspired the making of the exhibition’s graphic identity.