Programmes for kids

Capacity: max. 15 kids
Price: €7 / kid
Booking required.

Science workshop: Don’t Wake Up the Dragon


A sleeping dragon awaits your visit. Will you manage to walk past him without waking him up? In this workshop, come play and learn about electrical energy. Using wires, screws and screwdrivers, you will get to build a simple electric circuit. Then you will test it in a challenge of skill and concentration to avoid waking up the dragon!

  • Every Sunday, 11.30–12.30. Tickets

Science workshop: The Magic of Electromagnets


What is an electromagnet? Is it a magic trick? Or does it have a scientific explanation?Find out what an electromagnet is, how it is built and what's useful for. At the end of the activity, your knowledge is tested in a very fun game.

Science workshop: Toy Solar Cars

carro solar

No driving licence? No problem! Can sunlight be transformed into movement? In this workshop, come and build a solar-powered car and drive it in a thrilling race. Who will make the best car and win the challenge? We dare you to try! + 6 years old

  • Every Saturday, 11.30–12.30. Tickets

Workshop for the Climate Emergency: Eco-Warriors 

criança a moldar

Our actions, the way we live, our day-to-day decisions are also a way to trigger change worldwide. The maat is a museum that aims to spark the debate on climate and ecology issues. This is a workshop to think and talk about the preservation of our planet, discover our causes and take action. Facing challenges proposed in the different exhibitions of the Museum, we will activate our ideas through the visual arts.
With: Patrícia Trindade.
Ages: 7–13 years.
Duration: 120 minutes.
Also suitable for teachers: version with work dynamics and methologies.

Science Workshop: How Strong Is a Balloon?


Can you believe a balloon has the energy to drive a car? Come and learn how to build a car with common materials and you'll see how much power a simple balloon can have.

Science Workshop: Who Knows Mechanics?


This is a workshop that requires skill, attention to detail and teamwork. In the museum, the group is challenged to discover and solve a mechanical breakdown in order to get a car running. This activity includes a visit to the Power Station Circuit, which shows the history of the Central Tejo.
Duration: 90 minutes
Admission: €12 / person. 

Workshop for Children: Discover maat

maat kids workshop

Come and discover a little more about the exhibitions and especially some of the works on display!

  • Fourth Saturday of every month: 16.00–18.00. Tickets

Art and Robotics Workshop: Artbot


Technological and artistic exploration workshop for children, an activity that is based on plastic arts using robotic systems. Inspired by the exhibitions, we will reflect on the concepts, topics and challenges suggested by the artworks, using robotic instruments and algorithms. We will create machine-artists that draw, that react, that produce sounds, that help us to understand and look again at the world around us!
With: Humberto Neves
Ages: 7–13 years.

  • Second Saturday of every month: 16.00–18.00. Tickets

#museumforall — A Museum for Everyone  
Special educational needs programme  


maat offers an integrated programme of creative activities aimed at people with physical and/or mental disabilities. Using the exhibitions on show as a starting point, these creative activities explore both the museum space and the workshop aspect, with the purpose of finding personal answers and creating spaces for dialogue, experimentation and sharing, in the hope that therapeutic benefits can be achieved as a group and felt by each of the participants.

Atlas of Self  
Starting from the transversality of languages and the creative universes of contemporary artists, this tour-workshop challenges participants to explore the maat environments. Using different artistic expressions, from drawing to painting, from photography to video, from body expression to artistic installation. 
The set of actions to be taken may vary according to the specific characteristics of the public, also focused on mixed classes, included in integrated education.