Central: 5 €
maat: 5 €
Central + maat: 9 €

Entrance: 50% discount*

Students (Age: 18+)
Seniors (Age: 64+)

Entrance: Free*

maat Members
For all visitors on the first Sunday of every month
Teens (Age: -18)
Teachers and journalists
Visitors with special needs
EDP Group employees
Members of APOM/ICOM, Academia de Belas Artes, Academia Portuguesa de História, Academia Internacional de Cultura Portuguesa, Academia das Ciências;
"Lisboa Card" holders
* discounts cannot be combined; discounts are granted upon presentation of proof.

Workshops and Guided Tours: 50% discount

maat Members
Students (Age: 18+)
Seniors (Age: 64+)

Free guided tours

Children (Age: -10)

Useful times and information for visits