Stefan Sagmeister, The Happy Show

Claudia Gould
Helen Goldsmith Menschel

Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most celebrated international designers. The Happy Show, one of his most iconic projects, is the result of intense research carried out for over ten years about the concept of happiness. Through the means of video, infographics, sculptures and interactive installations, as well as humour, provocation and interaction, this exhibition takes us on a journey through Sagmeister’s mind and his innovative, seemingly simple perspective on how we can be happier. He appeals to a more active approach to our search for happiness – including the idea that it can be trained, just like we train our body.

Stefan Sagmeister (b. 1962) uses extremely emotional graphic design to connect with people, testing the boundary between art and design, or science and everyday culture, culminating in a transgression of all the barriers between these different concepts.

The Happy Show is organized by Institute of Contemporany Art at the University of Pennsylvania by former ICA Director, Claudia Gould, currently Helen Goldsmith Menschel Directo at Jewish Museum, New York. The exhibition is coordinated at ICA by Chief Curator, Anthony Elms.

Stefan Sagmeister extends special thanks to Jessica Walsh and the entire team at Sagmeister INC: Ben Wolf, Ben Nabors e Hillman Curtis of “The Happy Film”; and to Kevin O’Callahan.