Virtual Group Tour

Make maat part of your school year and experience our exhibitions remotely with an hour-long guided tour via Zoom. Plan a unique experience for your students with a virtual tour to maat, through inquiry-based conversations led by a museum educator live from the exhibition room.
Our museum tours will highlight different works of art, and maat’s educators will pose students open-ended questions to help start conversations and foster interactive exploration.  
All virtual tours are offered through Zoom.  
Each digital tour is limited to 28 participants per session.  
Tours are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11.00 - 19.00.

Virtual Tour List:

Tour to the exhibitions on-site  
Technology themed tour: Fuel to Art 
Geometry themed tour: Finding the Measure of Things  
Architecture themed tour: Legible Spaces 
Power Station tour 

Ages: from pre-school to university 
Duration: 60 minutes  
Prices for school groups (up to 28 participants): €30 / group 
All activities are also available in English, provided this is requested when booking in advance 

To schedule a tour please contact us and provide the following information: 
Three possible dates and times four the tour 
Chosen tour  
School name 
Contact name 
Students’ grade 
Number of students 
Email and phone number