Cookie policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file stored in the visitor’s device for the purpose of consistently ‘remembering’ some information that enables the identification of the type of device, as well as other relevant information in order to display and adapt all of the website’s components correctly, including the ability to log into the customer areas.

Does the website use cookies?
Yes, for the purpose of improving the user’s experience on and of offering customised service. Cookies are used to store the visitor’s information, enabling to determine the user’s preferred language, helping with filling in forms, collecting performance indicators and the location and time when the website is accessed.

What is the privacy policy used by the website
The data collected and stored through cookies will not be supplied by EDP to third party entities, and it will only be used for marketing campaigns under permission from the visitor. Website browsing is only monitored for statistical purposes.

Should I accept the use of cookies?
In accordance with Law 41/2004, from 18 August and Law 46/2012, from 29 August, the website can only use cookies with the visitor’s prior and explicit consent. EDP commits to storing cookies for the exclusive purposes mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

It is important to mention that cookie usage is crucial for the website to function correctly in its entirety; therefore, we recommend that users accept them.
Most browsers enable user control over the cookies stored in your device, as well as the option to delete them immediately, in case the user no longer wishes to allow local cookie storage.

Which cookies are used on
The following table provides a list of the cookies used on and their purpose.