Second Nature at The Kreeger Museum in washington
Sandra Rocha
Untitled (DR – Um Diário da República, 2012), 2014


Within the remit of the celebrations around Portugal in the USA Month, EDP Foundation has been invited to present the exhibition Second Nature: Portuguese Contemporary Art from the EDP Foundation Art Collection at The Kreeger Museum, in Washington. This is the first collective exhibition of Portuguese contemporary art presented in the United States.

The 38 works selected by curators Pedro Gadanho and Luísa Especial come from the original set in the exhibition Second Nature, presented at MAAT in June 2016. Nineteen renowned Portuguese artists are represented, including Alberto Carneiro, Gabriela Albergaria, Julião Sarmento, Vasco Araújo, Alexandre Estrela or Fernando Calhau. The exhibition’s theme focusses on a multifaceted testimony about the inseparability between man and the natural world.

The exhibition is organised according to affinities found between the different works. Examples of some of these multiple points of contact and some of the artists whose works establish those connections are: the inclusion of the body in the natural context, through experience and its recording (Alberto Carneiro, Pedro Vaz); the garden as a critical device, where cultural codes are questioned and where personal and collective experiences are included (Vasco Araújo, Gabriela Albergaria); the tension between the natural and technological spheres (Alexandre Estrela), and the impact of the latter in the former, within a fictional setting (Miguel Soares).

Second Nature: Portuguese Contemporary Art from the EDP Foundation Art Collection will be exhibited at The Kreeger Museum from 4 June to 31 July.