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11 Mar 2017 - 14 May 2017
Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue
Diogo Evangelista, OOOOOOIN!, 2016. Coleção de Arte Fundação EDP


Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue presents a selection of works from EDP Foundation’s Art Collection, gathered under the subject of appropriation in contemporary art.

Based around the time period which defines this collection – from the 1960s to present day –, this exhibition offers an alternative perspective on the following practices: direct appropriation of images, texts or other forms of cultural output, the use of quotations as elements contributing to meaning, or as a conscious and avowed dialogues with pre-existing authors and works.

This exhibition is a collaborative curatorial project by Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro and Ana Anacleto. It’s structured around three sub-themes – “Archive and Everyday Life”, “Space and Politics” and “Image and Narrative” – which aim to group together sets of works around selected affinities and, as such, also propose specific dialogues.

This will be the second event in the series of exhibitions Perspectives / EDP Foundation’s Art Collection and it will be displayed in Porto’s Municipal Gallery, which has been sponsored by the Foundation since 2015.