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31 May 2019 00:00
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International conference: On the Surface

The program of this conference comprises three roundtables on which photography is explored as a significant research instrument for building critical and innovative views on architecture as an extended field of knowledge that operates within larger systems, with cultural, artistic, technical, and historical dimensions. The focus of this 5th edition on the publicness of urban space, aims to question how different dimensions of the public sphere may be meaningfully understood or reframed through different lenses and perspectives. At the heart of this debate is the contemporary discussion that the image of the city is in itself modified within the very process of change according to specific sensorial and cognitive conditions, for example, to understand better how other dimensions or diverse data as geographic information of urban environments at very fine scales or resolutions (for example, trajectories data about human activities) combine with architectural formal and spatial aspects of legibility as Kevin Lynch´s five elements or others alike and influence the legibility or imageability of contemporary cities. All these interconnections and combinations can be explored in order to infer how they may originate the possibility of establishing new spatial connections in an expanded territory of cosmopolitan interaction. Within this broader discussion, each roundtable will address the following issues, among other questions posed by the invited authors.


Pedro Gadanho - MAAT
José Miguel Rodrigues - FAUP
Olívia da Silva - ESMAD
Pedro Leão Neto -FAUP

Marco Iuliano

Invited guest speaker - Beate Guttschow
Moderator - Pedro Leão Neto


Invited guest speaker - Bas Princen
Moderator - Iñaki Berguera


Invited guest speaker - Gloria Moure
Moderator - Sérgio Fazenda


Paolo Rosselli