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Tours & Workshops: Regular Programme
visitas guiadas
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guided tours
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View of the exhibition "Leaky Abstraction" by Ana Cardoso, maat, 2023. Photo: Joana Linda

Regular Tours


Exhibition tours at maat do not aim to provide ready answers as to what art and a museum space should be, but rather seek to provide an informal space for experimentation which promotes knowledge and dialogue, a shared responsibility which encourages the visitor to take on an active role. We provide tours to maat based on contemporary art, design and architecture and science-based tours to Central Tejo. Professional educators and trainees assure guided tours to the museum's temporary exhibitions and to the EDP Foundation Campus’ architecture and gardens. Tours can be customised to the needs of specific groups and schools and are available in both Portuguese and English. Their average duration is one hour.


Guided tours


Tejo Power StationTour
Every day (except Tuesdays): 11.00, 13.30, 15.00
Available with museum ticket


The Story of Enegy Tour
Every day (closed on Tuesdays): 12.00, 17.00
Available with museum ticket


Guided tour to the gardens and art installations
Saturdays and Sundays: 18.00 
Available with museum ticket


Electricity Factory for Kids
Saturdays and Sundays: 10.30 | Tickets


Secret Tour
First Sunday of the month: 16.00 | Tickets


Architecture tour: maat and Power Station 
First Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Fabrícia Valente and Renato Santos) | Tickets


Technology tour: Fuel for Art
Second Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Susana Anágua) | Tickets


Art and ecology tour: Parts of a Whole 
Third Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Maribel Sobreira) | Tickets


Introduction tour to contemporary art: Art Today 
Fourth Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Patrícia Trindade) | Tickets


Regular Workshops


Science workshop: Solar Cars
Saturdays: 11.30 | Tickets


Science workshop: Don’t Wake Up The Dragon
Sundays: 11.30 | Tickets


Science workshop: The Magic of Electromagnets 
Sundays: 16.00 | Tickets


Art and robotics workshop: Artbot
Second Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Humberto Neves) | Tickets


Art and architecture workshop: Discover maat!
Fourth Saturday of the month: 16.00 (with Renato Santos) | Tickets


Other tours


(available on request)


Virual guided tour
Corporate tours
Architecture and design tour: Legible Spaces
Finding the measure of things - Geometry
Monumental Tour + Lab
Marking the Place - Alzheimer
maaturity - Art at tea time
#museumforall: Special educational needs programme


Tours for groups availble by appointment



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MAAT Gallery
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