Education Service
MAAT’s Education Programme

MAAT offers an educational programme of interdisciplinary activities on art, architecture and technology. These initiatives seek to encourage creative thinking as well as new ways of acquiring and developing knowledge.

We enjoy meeting our visitors and offer a variety of programmes planned around our exhibitions which aim to meet their creative, educational and entertainment expectations.

MAAT’s Education Programme is a space for communication, reflection, creativity and many practical experiments. It brings together different areas of art and technology, as well as different ages, nationalities, jobs and educational needs; it’s a learning space which seeks to make access to culture more democratic.

We collaborate with the museum’s artists, curators and other staff so that everyone’s working processes also contribute to the dialogue and openness we strive to achieve.

MAAT’s Education Programme also has educational materials in both Portuguese and English made available for free for use during visits and family activities – these can be downloaded on our website or requested at the museum’s ticket office. Our programme also includes audio guided tours, tactile tours, and workshops aimed at visitors with special educational needs. All guided tours and activities are also available in English.


Our activities are divided into four categories:

Programmes and Events (talks, conferences and performances by artists, curators and specialists from different fields);

Guided Tours (designed to suit various audiences);

Workshops and Courses (for teens and adults);

Creative Workshops (for children, schools and families, also available for birthday parties and holydays).