Germinal - The Cabrita Reis Section in the EDP Foundation Art Collection
Based on the Cabrita Reis collection, which became a part of the EDP Foundation Art Collection in 2015, Germinal encourages a reflection on the early stages of the careers of Portuguese artists whose paths and recognition have been cemented until today. Including a vast and solid representation of the so-called “90s Generation” of artists, who are joined by artists from previous and later generations, the public is given access to a selection of significant works – some of which have already become defining – revealing the perspective of a discerning art collector, committed to supporting artists and their experimental practices. Each of the volumes from the series Perspectives, published alongside the exhibitions which MAAT dedicates to the EDP Foundation Art Collection, proposes a different subject as its focus, which is then translated into a unique selection of pieces by Portuguese artists.


Bilingual: portuguese and english.